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Bernadette (Berni) Carroll

I moved to the University of Bristol in 2019 to set up my lab with the support of a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship.

See my research profile here:

Prior to moving to Bristol, I studied for my PhD at Imperial College London and my post-doctoral studies at Newcastle University.

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Przemek Zakrzewski

Przemek is working on an Academy of Medical Sciences-funded project studying the spatial localisation of mTORC1 and how it is perturbed in Tuberous Sclerosis.

Przemek has just finished a PhD at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland studying the role of myosin VI in spermatogenesis.

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Ben Russell

Ben is working towards an MRes in Health Science. Before starting in Bristol, Ben studied Pharmacology at Portsmouth.


Ben is using cell biology and biochemical techniques to identify and validate novel regulators of the mTORC1-autophagy pathway.

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Previous students

Emily Armstrong: Emily is studying for a 4-year MSci degree in Biochemistry at Bristol. She has been studying lysosomes in senescence.

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